At Montreal Powerhouse, we believe in achieving excellence. We are committed to help you build a mentality and a lifestyle that will get the best out of you, in and out of the gym. Too many people live their life without questioning their actions and decisions. We believe that you should never settle for less than your full potential and we are 100% dedicated to helping you through this process. The concept of “living life” takes all its sense when you start challenging yourself and at Montreal Powerhouse, we WILL challenge you.

We believe that physical training has a lot more to offer than health benefits: it improves mental strength and self-confidence to push through life’s difficulties. The discipline and dedication you will acquire through your training will carry over to all aspects of your life.

There are no secrets, to maximize results you need a solid training and nutrition protocol. As much as the fitness industry preaches a “healthy” lifestyle, it can also be quite deceptive. We often see young fitness adepts with eating disorders and/or obsessive-compulsive behaviors. There are way too many facts generally accepted in the fitness community that fail to have a meaningful basis. Montreal Powerhouse is bringing an alternative approach to fitness, one that is based on both science and evidence.

It is important for us that you truly understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. We will teach you principles so that you can make rational and well thought-out decisions based on backed up studies rather than fitness magazines and internet fads. We will also show you how to balance your personal life with your training and nutrition goals. After all, life’s little pleasures are part of a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone has the potential to achieve greatness, let us show you the way.