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The best coaching team! At first, I was unsure about their approach, but I decided to give it a shot. My goal was to lose 15 pounds at 50 years old and I had tried so many different diets. I hired Montreal Powerhouse thinking I would try it for a couple of months then move on to something else. I won’t lie, it was hard at first, but so worth it! Not only did I reach my goal, but I learned a ton in the process about food. Now I actually know what I am eating. It is very empowering to know how to control your weight. The Montreal Powerhouse approach really healed a bad relationship that I had developed with food. They were also very supportive during the tough times. I would recommend them to anyone, whatever your fitness goal is!
Diane Maheux – Montreal Powerhouse Client – May 13, 2017


Vincent has been my coach for 3 years now. He has always shown professionalism and consistency. I love knowing that I can rely on him to give me a hard training program that follows a plan with purpose. Whenever he is present during a training session, he will offer constructive feedback to improve my technique. Often, I will send him a video of my lifts for him to analyse. He is also creative and flexible when it comes to adapting a program from setback. Whether its injuries, illness or time constraints, he will offer a solution for you to use. Since Vincent is a powerlifting athlete as well himself, he has a great understating of what his athletes go through. I look forward to competing in my 2 nd powerlifting meet under his guidance!
Jean-François Charette – Montreal Powerhouse Client – April 2, 2017


Been training with MTL Powerhouse for a couple of years and my general performance in the gym has only gone up. Squat and dealift PR’s have increased by 50lbs and bench will be following closely. I don’t need to go to Ohio for expert training. I just need to give the MTL Powerhouse team a call and they deliver evey time. Always a blast working out in their facilities as well!
Carl Jobin Shaw – Montreal Powerhouse Client – March 28, 2017


Louis-Alexis Gratton is a motivated and persevering trainer and continues to be essential to my progress in the gym. When I started training a couple years ago I did not have any background in sports or weight training and had several injuries resulting from a sedentary lifestyle. Louis-Alexis took me under his wing and the results followed quickly. Today, training is part of my normal routine and I will never stop. I strongly recommend his services to anyone expecting a serious training plan and who his ready to put in the work. You won’t be disappointed!
Gaultier Paré – Montreal Powerhouse Client – March 22, 2017


I started my powerlifting journey about 3 years ago with the help of Louis-Alexis Gratton. All I can say is that he has helped me tremendously and I have seen some significant improvements over the years. As a kinesiologist myself, I can definitely confirmed that he knows his stuff and I was especially amazed by his knowledge in programming. After about a year and a half of building a good foundation, I started a meet preparation for my first powerlifting competition ever. The results I got during this competition exceeded my expectations given that I had a perfect meet where I went 9 for 9 along with some personal records including a 185kg squat that I once thought was impossible to reach when I first started lifting. I am not a big competitive elite powerlifter as I do this more for fun but I certainly made some good progression under his coaching. Whether you are looking for strength training, muscle building, athletic development or just some general fitness, you will get the results you want with his individualized training programs as long as you put in the work. Louis-Alexis Gratton has been doing my training programs for about 3 years now and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon as I am getting ready for my second powerlifting competition!
Jean-Felix Boucher – Montreal Powerhouse Client – March 5, 2017


Discovering powerlifting is a huge highlight of my past year (and I want keep going!). I met the Montreal Powerhouse team at my local gym. Although I didn’t know much about powerlifting then, I felt instantly welcome among their training group. Louis-Alexis and Quentin helped me clarify my goals right from the start. Most importantly, they taught me how to build a training routine. I realized the importance of patience (not a natural tendency for me) and consistency. I truly appreciate the fact that my coaches were rigourous, yet, not pushy. I felt like I could progress at my own pace, which kept me going. On top of that, the atmosphere during group trainings is warm and entertaining. Surrounding yourself with passionate and friendly people is such an important part of success. Those lessons about personnal growth and group dynamics helped me tremendously in many aspects of my life since. I am truly grateful for that.
Marie-Claude Lacerte – Montreal Powerhouse Client – March 2, 2017


Vincent is a firm yet gentle coach. He always makes sure to keep a positive outlook on training or competition performance. Since I’m working with I understand better what working hard really means. Since he knows that I’m willing to push my personal limits, he offers me the right programs which are well structured and customized to my needs. Since I can remember I always had some injury and weak knees, since I’ve started to work with him I feel a lot stronger and I do live with a lot less pain than I was in the past. Without any doubt I couldn’t be where I am without the professional help and support from my coach, thank Vincent.
Anne-Marie Boivin – Montreal Powerhouse Client – February 12, 2017


Vincent Pelletier has been my coach in Powerlifting for 3 years already and he has never disappointed me. He is competent and offers professional services. His training style has brought me better performances every year and will allow me to stay a long time in this sport. Each training plans are fully customized to the athlete needs, they are adapted to your level of experience, your strengths, your weaknesses and even your injuries if you have any. In addition, he’s always listening if you have problems with the plan, for example if an injury occurs or you have to train with limited material, he will have a solution to offer. Excellent periodization is definitely one of his trademarks, whether it’s preparation for a competition, off-season and so on. Each cycle follows in a logical and structured way. He is a coach who practices Powerlifting himself, thus he lives the same difficulties as any athlete in this sport. If you have difficulty recovering from your workouts or have difficulty progressing, contact him, he will solve your problem.
Louis-Vincent Boudreault – Montreal Powerhouse Client – January 15, 2017


Such a professional team! I contacted them a year ago to lose some weight and never regretted it. They are very passionate about what they’re doing and were very attentive to all my needs. Thank you Montreal Powerhouse!
Julie-Anne Bolduc – Montreal Powerhouse Client – November 21, 2016


“It is not easy to find a balance between work, everyday obligations, sport, pleasures of life and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Personally, entering the job market made me forget all about my good habits and I gained a few extra pounds that I hadn’t been able to get rid of…
Referred by a friend who was impressed by the skills and professionalism of Quentin at Montreal Powerhouse, I decided to start a nutrition plan, coached by him. I quickly realized that Quentin was a passionate, an impressive athlete and a coach who has all required knowledge and expertise in the fitness industry. With his help, I have been able to quickly reach my objectives, and even surpass them! The Montreal Powerhouse team has given me all the necessary tools and a constant support; my needs have been fulfilled at every levels!
For all those who need motivation and a dedicated coach, generous of his time, concerned with your progress and close to your needs, I strongly recommend that you contact Quentin and his team! I could not have hope for better and I am extremely proud to be part of the Montreal Powerhouse family!”
Audrey Joly – Montreal Powerhouse Client – March 17, 2014


“I have always eaten well, worked out and maintained a healthy lifestyle. However, no matter what I was doing I was unable to lose the few extra pounds. In addition, I often did not have the level of energy needed to exercise. I decided to ask Montreal Powerhouse for some help regarding my nutrition. Quentin kindly sat down with me to go over my lifestyle and food choices. Based on my objectives, he then designed a nutrition protocol that consisted of hitting a certain amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins at the end of the day. At first, having to calculate everything seemed like an arduous task, but then I started to see physical changes really quickly. What Montreal Powerhouse proposes is not a diet; EVERYTHING is permitted, from chocolate ice cream to red wine!
Since I started, I no longer have bad digestion, I lost those extra few pounds, I have a more defined physique, my energy level is fired up and I have been able to improve my training performances. Today, I am still working with Quentin towards my new objectives. I have referred his services to a few people of my surrounding and I have only received positives feedback for his professionalism, his availability and his extensive knowledge.”
Marie-Eve Garceau – Montreal Powerhouse Client – February  05, 2014


“I started to train because my brother wanted me to be more active and to get in shape. Quentin guided me through this progress by building a customized training protocol that would ensure my time in the gym. I quickly learned the basic techniques on all the important movements and managed to increase my volume of training very rapidly. I also stayed injury free and learned a lot about how to optimize muscle growth. I am really proud to say that training has become a habit for me and I will never be looking back. Quentin always made sure to answer my questions as quick and clear as possible. He also kept me motivated by showing his support and I could not thank him enough for that. I strongly recommend anyone with training and nutrition objectives to get in touch with Montreal Powerhouse, they have the best tools to grow and the best personality to work with.”
Nathan Weber – Montreal Powerhouse Client – January  29, 2014


“I hired Montreal Powerhouse for one-on-one training sessions and a workout protocol. I am in love with my coach Marie-Noelle!  She is by far the best coach I’ve trained with and I have seen results really quickly. Her tips are extremely helpful and she always makes herself available to answer my questions. I wish I could train with Montreal Powerhouse every day, even if the next day I cannot feel my body! But isn’t it the best feeling ever? Montreal Powerhouse really practices what they preach; which is to train like BEAST and make every workout counts. They have changed the way I think about working out and I am even thinking about bringing this to the next level. I would recommend Montreal Powerhouse to anyone, they are not only the best coaches, but they also became good friends. Thank you for being in my life and I am so proud to be part of the Montreal Powerhouse team!”
Amarilis Galeano – Montreal Powerhouse Client – January 22, 2014


“Trying to lose weight is a constant struggle for someone like me: a first time new mom. Not only is it difficult to get use to your new lifestyle but the stress of getting your pre-pregnancy shape back is always in the back of your mind. For me, Montreal Powerhouse was a real life saver. My trainer, Marie-Noëlle allowed me to be myself, follow my routine and adapted my program according to my personal NEEDS. She was very accommodating considering I had to stay on a high calorie diet because of breastfeeding and didn’t really have the time for much physical exercise. The results came rather quickly too and before I knew it, I had reached my goal after only 3 months of hard work! Marie-Noëlle has been a fantastic listener,  a professional trainer and above all, a great friend! Always available to tweak my macros last minute and to spend time discussing my progress, she has been a true aid in achieving my goal. I want to thank her for all the efforts in supporting my weight loss and for her passion in doing so. Here’s to many more moms who will join Montreal Powerhouse and get their pre-pregnancy bodies back!”
Victoria Camerota – Montreal Powerhouse Client – January 16, 2014


“Last summer, I reached out to Marie-Noelle to help me attain my goal of a fitter and healthier body. Her mandate was to tone my body and make me bikini ready in less than 2 months. She gave me a comprehensive nutritional plan that fitted my lifestyle, a training plan that pushed my body to another level and more importantly the support and motivation that I needed. The results: exponential improvements in the weights that I lifted, the firmness of my body and the muscle definition I dreamed of.  I, without a doubt, would recommend her to anyone who wishes to push their body to another level or attain a short/long term goal. She will bring discipline into your routine with the support of a friend.”
Geneviève Brousseau Provencher – Montreal Powerhouse Client – November 18, 2013


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Quentin for over three years. In that time I’ve watched him mature not only in his strength, physique and tenacity as an athlete, but also as a man. He has an attitude of ‘leaving no stone unturned’ when it comes to his goals as a natural bodybuilder but also strives to find balance. He will do whatever I ask of him in terms of training and nutrition, but he is not just a soldier, he is intensely interested in the science and theory behind it all. He has had the goal of becoming a professional natural bodybuilder since I met him and it is a testament to his goal setting, tenacity and consistency that he waited three years to step on stage and when he finally did, he achieved professional status. He is truly an ideal client from the perspective of a coach; a great communicator, he is collaborative, and he is also willing to work himself as hard as he possibly can. Coaching Quentin has been an inspiring experience to say the least.”
Eric Helms – MS CSCS, Professionally Qualified Natural Bodybuilder – Raw Powerlifter – Team 3DMJ Coach – November 6, 2013


“I used Quentin’s personal trainer services for about 2 years and his guidance tremendously helped me reach my goals. He is a very motivated individual and you will very rapidly notice it when working with him. He has a strong ability to share his knowledge and make you understand your actions. He definitely offered more than what I was expecting and he is concerned about your success. Quentin is very reliable and professional; he is always on time and quickly answers any questions you might have for him. If you ever require personal training services, you should not wait any longer and contact Quentin.”
Valentin Bachelier – Montreal Powerhouse Client – April 11, 2013